Incredible Service Dog Relieves Degree On Behalf Of His Deceased Owner

Graduation ceremonies are often long and tedious. Especially if you went to a big school. You sit and listen to hours of names called, only to have your two minutes of fame as you walk across the stage. It’s not the most fun you will ever have at an event, but it is a very momentous occasion and that makes it worth it. It is proof of what you have accomplished and the beginning of your next exciting adventure. So we go, we grin, and we enjoy the ceremony.

The recent graduation ceremony at Idaho State University had a rather unusual turn of events, and one very touching moment. Out of the 2000 graduates that walked across the stage that evening, one of them stood out: a service dog, who walked across the stage to receive a degree on behalf of his recently deceased owner. Joshua Kelly had sadly passed away just months before graduation, and no one was more fitting to receive his degree than his very best furry friend.

Watch this video to see Joshua’s father walk his service dog across the stage and please SHARE this in memory of Joshua.

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