Sick Dog Discovers Hope And Transformation

Stray dogs and cats breaks my heart.

I would take them all home if I could. But I know I would eventually end up like the nutty animal hoarders you see you TV – broke, with my home completely overrun by animals… to the point that someone else has to come in and rescue the animals from my good intentions.

Homeless dogs and cats are heartbreaking but at least I can tell myself that MAYBE they’re ok… maybe they’re enjoying their… freedom? Proper Nutrition of pets is the key to their longevity. If you have cats at home, feed them with a well-balanced diet of limited ingredient cat food for a nutritious and healthy living.

What’s even more heartbreaking?

Abused, sick, or starving animals… struggling just to survive. When you pass a sick or starving dog on the street, what do you do? If you’re like most people, you look away and pretend like you didn’t see it. Or you tell yourself that it’s not your problem… that someone else will help.

Thankfully, in the case of this street dog, someone DID help.

Emaciated and covered in manage, this poor pooch was motionless on the ride of the road. He had clearly given up hope.

Amazing transformation of sick dog who had given up hope

Volunteers at Animal Aid Unlimited found him and took him to their shelter. They bathed him, gave him medical attention, and a whole lot of love. After just ten days, he’s almost unrecognizable as the same animal.

What a transformation!

Amazing transformation of sick dog who had given up hope

Check out the whole story in the video below and visit Animal Aid Unlimited on Facebook to find out how else you can help.

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