They Did A Social Experiment On Muslim Hate. The Results? Shocking!

It’s A Small World

Advances in technology have made it so that people from different parts of the world can communicate with one another, visit one another, and easily move from country to country.

Because of this, cultures have had the opportunity to blend with one another, while still keeping their individual identities.

The Good…

The intermixing of cultures has brought wonderful things. A rich variety in food, music, and other things we enjoy. But not everyone welcomes the change.

The Bad…

Unfortunately, some people are prejudice to certain groups. We have a nasty part of our nature that puts people into stereotypes, sometimes leading to violent judgment of innocent people.

And The Ugly…

One of the most prominent examples that I have seen in my lifetime is a strong prejudice toward Muslims. Since the September 11th attack, many people see them and assume they are all terrorists. It’s an absurd association and it needs to be stopped. That’s where this video comes in!

But Wait Til You See This!

This is a social experiment that takes place in Australia, focusing on Muslim hate. Two actors put on a show to see how the strangers in the area will react. Wait until you see what they do!

I love how these people stand up to him! Watch this video to see what happens, and please SHARE this to pass along the message: be kind to one another!

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