Her Son Was Born With No Eyes And People Asked Her Why She Didn’t Get An Abortion. See Her Response!

Judgment is one of the ugliest characteristic that can be found in human beings. People point, stare, and say terrible things to one another. Every day people are criticized because they are different.

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In this case, the victim who has faced so much judgment is an innocent 2 year old child – a very happy child who has recently inspired the masses as a YouTube celebrity. Christian was born with no eyes. In the past two years, his parents have heard horrendous and extremely offensive comments from people that they don’t even know. Christian is an amazing child who spends his time laughing and playing with his younger brother, and his parents want the world to know what a blessing he is.

Early on in his life, Christian and his mother appeared in a YouTube video sharing his story with the world. The video has spread, carrying with it a message of hope. Hope that someday we can change and start accepting people for who they are.

Watch the video to see this strong mother rise above other’s judgment, and please SHARE this to help spread Christian’s message.

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