This Special Needs Teen Was Selected As Prom Queen. What A Touching Story!

Our favorite 80s movies will tell us that high school is all about being popular and that most of the kids that go there are MEAN.

Bullies give wedgies and call people four-eyes. The popular girls pull terrible pranks on the girls who they don’t think are pretty. It’s a mess!

According to movies – if you weren’t riche, athletic, and oddly good looking for a high schooler then you were not in the popular group and you probably didn’t have a very good time.

Unfortunately, some of that is true. High school is rough for a lot of people. It is a time in our lives where we are going through a lot of changes and trying to figure things out. Some people make bad decisions and hurt others in the process. But this story is not about those people.

This is about Katie.

Katie is a special needs teen who was chosen to be prom queen by the most votes in school history! This is an amazing story that will inspire you to see high school in a different light. People can be kind and generous, and this is a perfect example.

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