11 Tips For Starting Over And Living The Life You Want This Time

Starting over is never easy yet it can be exactly what we need to get us living the life we rather live. Here are 11 tips for starting over and living the life you want this time around.

From learning to see it as a way to think positive and fresh healing from the past to learning to take it easy, seeking inspiration and eliminating bad people from your life, starting new can be the best the decision you make to get you feeling more fulfilled and eager to experience life in a better and more enlightened way.

1. Learn From Your Previous Mistakes

Learn from your mistakes and plan on not repeating them this time as you journey through your new life.

Acknowledging mistakes and past indiscretions keeps us from making the same choices over and over again in a cycle effect. While you acknowledge them plan to leave them in the past as you begin your journey not only to start life fresh and new but also learning to open up to a new and more rounded you.

2. Do Not Let The Past Define You

Leave the past where it belongs and enjoy life in the present. When we focus too much on memories and not enough on what can be and what is in front of us, we really do miss out. Not only that, we begin to define ourselves by our past circumstances and let others define us that way as well.

While our experiences do and have had even a minor effect on who we are today, we do not need to let this be all of who we are. There is so much more out there and so much more to learn. Do not limit yourself especially if you wish to start life fresh.

3. Take It Easy

Learn to take it easy and just enjoy being you for a moment. That is a good way to start things new. This time around, you may have learned to not rush into things as much. It is best to really know yourself and better understand what it is you want before you allow yourself to be carried too far.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy life. Enjoy the new opportunity you have and enjoy being you.

4. Positivity Is Key

Being positive can take us over and beyond however far we thought we could go. Learn to be positive. Practice positivity and let it be the standard for which you plan to start anew. Negativity kills. Relish in the fact that you even have an opportunity to start new and the drive to live the life you prefer.

Surround yourself with positive energy. Embrace it and never let it go. The key to really benefitting from starting over is to keep looking forward and to change the way your feel about life in a good way.

5. Eliminate The People From Life That Hurt You

In order to celebrate in your new life and embrace your new positive attitude, you must decide who you want to keep around you. Often, when we really take a seat and look deeply into the circumstance surrounding our wellbeing, we find that there are certain people that really sort bring us down.

These people may have a negative world view, they may be loathsome or step and squash our own dreams. They may be prior friends, acquaintances, family members or lovers. Sometimes it is best to let people go in order to self-realize and become who you want to be.

When you are strong in who you are, you are strong enough to live the life you want. Let all those outside negative influences go no matter how hard it may be. In the end you will see how better you actually feel. No one should make you feel inferior.

6. Seek Inspiration In All The Right Places

As you begin your new life, seek inspiration in all the right places. Right places include seeking encouragement from people who have gone down similar paths as you and who have also started anew. Pay attention to what they have done and how they have done it and be inspired.

Still, realize that your new life is your own and it is going to differ from the next person but there is nothing wrong with learning and sharing from others.

7. Learn To Be Happy

Learn to be happy this time around. Instead of pursuing happiness, find joy in everything that is right in front of you. Celebrate this time around. Every day is your party and you have a reason to relish in the happiness that is before you.

Happiness is waiting for you all you have to do is welcome it in and let it take you to a new level of appreciation and motivation as you seek to make big changes in your life.

8. Let Go Of Guilt

Dwelling too much on the past can keep us wallowing in feelings of guilt. Let go of the guilt. If you made all the changes necessary to start living a new life including asking others for forgiveness, why suffer the rest of your life feeling guilty for things you cannot change?

The point of starting new is to leave regret behind. Learn from your mistakes, and plan to start new with a new outlook ready to not repeat offences and strong enough to carry on. We only have one life after all.

9. Starting Over Is Not Failure

Starting over does not mean that you have failed in the past regardless of how far you may feel you have been dragged down. See this chance to start over as a chance to really change the way things were going in your previous life.

While you may not have made the best decisions in the past that does not mean you have failed. You are still here, ready to conquer the world and live life. You now have an opportunity to start living right in the best way you would like to live.

10. Do Not Let Others Define You

Looking back you may find that you let others define you right from telling you how to dress and what to like all the way to who you are, who you should be and what you should do. Do not let others define you this time. Although it may be hard, use this time to really figure out what it is you seek and who you are spiritually and mentally.

One of the challenges of starting over is really learning to step aside and do things alone. Do not fear being alone and embrace the opportunity to learn more about yourself, becoming wiser and more satisfied in the things you do and the experiences you have.

11. Enjoy Life This Time Around

And of course, enjoy life this time around. As you make the decision to start over, plan to enjoy life and live the way you would like to live. Life is short yet there is so much we can gain from it. I cannot stress enough how important it is to celebrate life. Life is like a spring of water after all. Beautiful, possibly nourishing and leading into bigger streams, lakes and rivers when we seek to live to the fullest.

Are you starting over? Do you have any tips or tricks that have helped you? Please share them in the comments below.

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