5 Easy Mantras To Help You Stay Positive (Even When Life Sucks)

We understand that life isn’t going as you had planned and the world seems like a gloomy place now. You may have wished for something to happen or to get something that you waited eagerly for, but it didn’t happen. It feels like everything is going against you and nothing will ever be okay. Now what?

Well, now is the time you change all of it. Take the negativity out of your life, and bring the positivity in. Remember when you read that good things happen to good people? You are a good person, and good things are coming your way. They might be late, but they surely are coming. Till then read the following few pointers to keep the positive energy flowing, even when it feels like life sucks.

1. ‘Trees That Take Time To Grow, Bear The Best Fruits’

Stop beating yourself up. If it didn’t happen now, it means life is giving you another chance to make it perfect.
If things are not going well right now does not mean they will be the same forever. Work hard towards achieving your goals, but don’t go crazy doing it. Take one step at a time, and soon you will reach your destination. Everything is not meant to happen at once. Trees that take time to grow, bear the best fruits.
Find the ways you can improve yourself or anything that needs improvement. So, grab the opportunities and don’t be disappointed.

2. ‘The Most Simple Things Can Bring The Most Happiness’

Someone wise has said that making others happy brings true happiness. So, focus your energy on yourself and others and see how you can have an impact on their lives. No one is asking you to be a superman or superwoman, to build homes for the homeless or donating $10,000 to someone.

What we mean by this is to give a compliment to someone who looks sad, smile at a stranger, be kind to elderly people and when the kids from the neighborhood comes to play with you, join them! Life is simple, and happiness comes from all these simple things. Say good things to yourself and to others. A warm smile is the universal language for kindness, so smile and spread joy.

Soon enough you will find that the world is a good place after all!

3. ‘If The Only Prayer You Ever Say In Your Entire Life Is – Thank You – It Will Be Enough’

Repeat: I am thankful for what I have, even if it is not perfect.

Appreciate even the smallest things in life; acknowledge people’s love and what they do for you. If something, no matter how small, goes right or you receive good news, try to celebrate it. Tell your friends and family about it. Spreading happiness only increases the joy.

Not every day will bring good news, so don’t be too harsh on yourself for feeling sad at times, either. Know your strengths, weaknesses and capabilities. Take care of yourself by being encouraging and supportive. Blessed are those who see the beauty in everything, when others can’t.

4. ‘When Things Are Tough, You Must Be Tougher’

When life is not treating you well, remember that it is your time to treat yourself well. Be a fighter, get up every time you fall, try one more time and never give up.

To be a fighter could also mean that you keep your inner and outer self fit by exercising and eating healthy. Tough times never last, but tough people do.

Exercise will make your body fit, while getting a bit of fresh air every day will relax you. In these ways you will be taking care of your physique and health. If your body and mind feel healthy you will feel good about yourself. Your problems will not terrify you anymore.

5. ‘The Most Powerful Relationship You Will Ever Have Is The Relationship With Yourself’

Be kind to yourself. Take care of yourself, and be kind. Accept the fact that everyone makes mistakes and learn to forgive yourself. Life is going hard on you and you do not want to add more to it than there already is. So, why not try taking care of yourself?

Believe in yourself, motivate yourself and love yourself. You have fought valiantly, and you deserve to be happy.

Would you like to add a mantra of your own? Let us know in the comments below!

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