They Stopped The Haters In This Beautiful Way

My kids are in school now and there are many anti-bullying campaigns that take place during the year. I’m so proud of these efforts as we realize that we must take bullying seriously as a nation.

It is very important that we empower people to stand up for themselves and those around them. No one should be picked on or made to feel uncomfortable without the voice to fight back.

With the campaigns, I’m seeing more and more students willing to stand up for themselves and others. This video is a great representation of anti-bullying efforts are accomplishing. Kids realize that they have a way to fight back in a non-threatening way.

I was so happy to hear about this story that was featured on Ellen. It gives me hope that my children will be able to stand up for themselves and others around them.

If you feel this video has a positive message, be sure to SHARE it with someone. If you have children, it would be the perfect thing to show them. This will give them more confidence that they can take a stand.

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