He Stopped Taking Care Of Himself. Watch What His Mother Does For Him!

We start making goals early in our life:

“I want to be a space man, mommy.”

“I want to be a ballerina when I grow up!”

We grow up. Our dreams are replaced by things that are slightly more practical. We start to look at the big picture and recognize our talents. We start to find our path. But then sometimes, we lose it.

Everyone has goals in their life, but somewhere along the way we forget what is really important to us. Maybe it starts with our goals, but soon we are forgetting our priorities, the people we love, or maybe even our own health. It’s funny how life can sweep you away until suddenly you realize, you’re not living your life at all. This isn’t what you wanted for yourself!

This is a great story about a boy who loses his way. When we are going through these times, who better to guide us through than our mothers!

Grab a tissue – the ending will make you cry! Watch this video to see what happens when this boy stops taking care of himself and his mother steps in.

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