Could The Solution To This Terrible Problem Really Be As Simple As A Cookie? rescues a frightened little dog

When Alex Pacheco found this frightened and injured little dog in the street, he knew immediately what he had to do.

He did what any of us would do (or at least SHOULD do) when we encounter an animal or person who needs our help. Alex rescued the dog. But that’s not the end of this story. In fact it’s just the beginning.

Alex hopes the story of this little dog, now named Mr. Cookie, will help spread the word about a terrible problem:

[bctt tweet=”600 million stray dogs + 100 million stray cats around the world need your help.”]

There are 600 million stray dogs and over 100 million stray cats around the world. As if being homeless and lonely isn’t already bad enough, many of these strays are also hungry, injured, sick, and even abused. In the U.S. alone, more than 11,000 stray dogs and cats are killed every single day.

[bctt tweet=”In the US, more than 11,000 stray dogs + cats are killed every single day.”]

Sure, feeding a stray can help keep them from starving. Adopting a stray and giving them a loving home and all the food and medical care they need is terrific too. (And if you do either, THANK YOU. You’re awesome!)

But if we don’t find a better solution, things will continue to get worse for our furry friends. Each year, over one billion MORE puppies and kittens are born to strays.

Alex Pacheco has found a very simple solution, in the form of a cookie. And with the help of Mr. Cookie, (and you) we can put an end to this terrible problem.

Watch the video to find out more, and PLEASE SHARE IT to spread this important message!

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