Wait Til You See This 64-Year-Old’s Stuffed Animal Collection!

I grew up in a small town in Idaho. Every year the carnival would come, and it would be this HUGE event that the whole town went to. Mostly I would go on the rides, but sometimes I would try to play the games. No matter what the game, there was not a single time that I won.

Carnival games are hard! Of course, they are designed to be that way. Whenever I went to play, I planned to lose. So when I saw this video I was completely blown away!

Peter is 64 years old and he is the carnival game master. He started playing carnival games when he was 9 and THAT YEAR ALONE he won enough stuffed animals to give one to every kid in his school. I mean…WOW! Can you even imagine that? I couldn’t even bring home a little goldfish…

Peter’s talent is amazing, but what really got me was his heart. Peter has probably won over a quarter of a million stuffed animals in his lifetime and my heart melted when I found out what he does with all of them.

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