5 Pastimes Of Successful People

A pastime is an activity that an individual does on a regular basis for leisure and enjoyment rather than work. There are countless pastimes people do to pass time as the word suggests. Pastimes include hobbies, sports, recreation, and reading. It is really helpful to dedicate time for pastimes because this helps you get off the stress-filled work every day and do something you like or love.


Here are some pastimes that successful people enjoy and take time out to do:


1. Running

Marathon running can become a really serious pastime. It is known that the Indian billionaire Anil Ambani had a healthy pastime of running the streets of Mumbai after dawn along with his bodyguards. He was even photographed in 2009 running the Mumbai marathon. Besides doing marathons and runs, running is a good type of exercise and moves all you body.


2. Ping Pong

Do you like to play this game? As basic and simple as it may sound, playing ping pong, also known as table tennis, could be the perfect pastime. Actress Susan Sarandon was known to play ping pong. In a business insider article published at the end of 2013, it was mentioned that this actor loved playing ping pong so much that she actually gifted her friends and inner-city schools with tables. The reason she loved this game so much was because she believed you could play this game forever.


3. Sailing

Are you a sea lover? Do you like sailing or want to start learning? Some individuals feel relaxed when doing anything related to the sea or nature in general. Moreover, sailing is a good pastime to consider. You learn a different aspect of life and surely do enjoy yourself. Larry Ellison, one of the team members on Oracle Team USA that won the American Cup race before is known to have been a sailor since his 20’s.


4. Knitting

Is this something our grandmothers used to do as a pastime? It is definitely more than that. Pastimes do not have to be something fancy or complicated; they could be as simple as knitting. Meryl Streep, a renowned actress used knitting as a pastime on set between takes. You might consider this slightly weird, but she admits to the fact that knitting would help clear up her mind.


5. Kite Boarding

Kite boarding is similar to surfboarding, where a large power kite is used to balance a person while on a kiteboard. This sounds like a fun sport that just takes you out of this world into a new window of life. Furthermore, Richard Branson, a billionaire, loved kiteboarding and made it his one of his pastime. Branson explained that he loves anything that would keep him fit and productive.


The best thing about pastimes is that there is no set or universal pastime that you need to stick to or have. You are in control of your life. You may choose the pastime(s) that best fit(s) you. This will ensure you commit to them and be consistent, translating into comfort.


Now it’s your turn… What are your favorite pastimes? Do they help you be more successful? Let us know below.




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