Superman Shows Up To Hang Out With An 11-Year-Old Cancer Patient

Most of us are stuck in a cycle. Go to work. Come home. Sleep. Go to work. Come home. Sleep.

We have a list of things that we want to do when we have free time (which we never do). Maybe we want to read a book or learn how to play guitar. Or we just want some down time. Notice how the things we wish we had time to do all revolve around us!

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Damon Cole is a Dallas Police Officer. He works all day, like us.

But when he gets off work, he doesn’t go home. He turns into a superhero.

Yes, quite literally.

Damon has a Superman outfit. And an Iron Man outfit. Oh… and wait until you see the car he drives!

Outside of work Damon suits up and is a part of the Heroes, Cops, and Kids Program where he helps teach kids about police enforcement. What’s more, he heard about a boy 11 hours away that had cancer. This boy happened to love superheroes. You won’t believe what Damon does!

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