He Was Determined To Take Away His Dad’s Cancer For A Moment

A couple of years ago, there were two kids in the youth group I volunteered in whose father had been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. There was no way that their father was going to be cured. Every day, they knew fare well that it could be the last that they were together.

I watched this family band together over the two years that they battled the cancer. They had been given an amazing opportunity to relish in every single moment together. Death was imminent, but they were ready.

This news story brought back the emotions I felt the day these teens dad died. They were with him as he passed and held his hand as he went to be with the Lord. In that moment, they said their final goodbyes and had no regrets with each other.

For this family, I have no doubt that they will be in the same place when that fateful day comes. If you were moved by the story, feel free to SHARE it on Facebook. Others may be encouraged by what this boy did for his father.

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