A First Grade Teacher Donates A Kidney To Save Her Student’s Life

When we are young, we are invincible. We can run forever without getting tired. We jump and climb and roll around without any pain or discomfort. Stress isn’t something that has even crossed our minds yet. We are too busy living life, playing sports, and going on adventures with our friends.

Imagine if it wasn’t like that.

Mathew parker is a triplet. He is in first grade, and his life has never been normal. He does not feel invincible. In fact, he has already had a kidney transplant and now he needs another one. Mathew hasn’t been able to find a donor that matches him – until now.

There was only a 1% chance that Lindsey Painter, his first grade teacher, would be a match and be able to donate one of her kidneys to Mathew. But she was, and she feels very lucky to be able to help him have a normal life.

What until you see what Lindsey’s coworkers do to help her. I couldn’t believe how supportive they were! Watch this video to meet the woman that is going to save Mathew’s life and please SHARE this to inspire someone you know.

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