This Teacher Helps Save His Life. It’s So Touching!

Most of us don’t understand the importance of school until we are older. When we are in school, we are concerned with things like passing notes, playing sports and wearing the latest clothing style. We want to fit in with the popular kids. I remember feeling like classes were a huge waste of time. I didn’t like the assignments much. But I do remember a few really great teachers.

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All of us have had a particular teacher who still sticks out in our minds. There are teachers that go above and beyond just to watch us succeed. They are passionate about what they are doing – and it shows.

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This video highlights how important teachers can be in our lives. They are not just giving us information – they are guiding us. They help us make good decisions that will affect the rest of our lives. In a way, they set the very foundation of who we become.

She did so much for this boy! Watch the video to see this great true story, and please SHARE this with a teacher you know to help remind them what a difference they make each day.

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