Teacher Lets Student Shave Her Head To Stand Up To Bullies

I remember being bullied when I was little. People would make fun of my hooked nose and say that I looked like a witch. Now I think it’s pretty silly. I am comfortable with my nose and it doesn’t bother me. But when I was a child, it hurt.

I don’t remember the names or faces of the people who bullied me. I don’t remember where I was when they said these things. But I remember the sting of their words.

When you’re young, comments from a bully can make a huge impact. And that’s why this is such an awesome story. Tori Nelson is a 4th grade teacher at an elementary school in Washington. She found out that one of her students, Mathew was being bullied and she did something HUGE for him that he will never forget.

What Tori did gave Mathew confidence. He was no longer alone. Let’s make a stand against bullying together!

Wait until you hear her comments about the haircut process – they made me laugh! Watch this video to see Mathew shave Tori’s head in front of the whole class and please SHARE this with someone to pass on this inspiring message!

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