9 Things People Say All The Time That You Should Actually Ignore

People are more than ever realizing that words do actually hurt. They can make us feel ashamed and lonely, withdrawn and rejected. While this is true, words can also be a positive force in life. Want to avoid the strong negative feelings words can create? Well here is a start.

Below are 9 things people say all the time that you should actually ignore. Trust me when I say ignore. You will start to see a difference in the way you not only respond to others but also the way you respond to life in general.

1. When Someone Brings Up A Past Indiscretion

This has got to be possibly the most annoying thing people can do to others. It is hard for people to get over certain issues pertaining to the past especially when they feel the issue or wound is still fresh.

Maybe you have moved along, but this someone in particular has not. Perhaps, if the issue keeps coming up, ask that person why they insist on focusing on your past?

If the person does it intentionally just to annoy you and these reminders are getting in the way of you achieving your dreams, maybe consider limiting the time you actually spend with this someone. No one likes to be reminded of the bad times especially when they are trying to progress.

2. When Someone Tries To Tell You Your Dreams Are Unrealistic

How dare anyone tell you how to dream! If you have big plans ahead and that is what keeps you going, knowing that you want to create something in the near future or present circumstance, why would anyone really want to step on that? Yet there are many people out there who do that whether they be friends, foes, acquaintances and strangers.

The best thing you can do is share your dreams, your aspirations only with those you know and trust- those who motivate and encourage you. When your dreams actually come into play, then that someone who used to see them as unrealistic will realize that your passions are not to be taken lightly.

3. When You Feel Good And Suddenly Someone Criticizes Your Happiness

Have you ever woken up one morning in a good mood and suddenly someone tries to make you feel down by insisting there is no reason for you to be happy? Well unfortunately many people have experienced this. It is up to you how you respond. By simply ignoring those “Debbie downer” and “melancholy Manny” comments you let that someone know that their unhappiness is not going to affect you.

Rather your happiness and general positivity can be infectious, eventually changing the way those around you feel and think. Let that positivity shine through and keep on smiling!

4. When Someone Criticizes Something About The Way You Look That Cannot Be Changed

We all have natural flaws that maybe we wish would suddenly go away. Maybe you don’t like your nose, or maybe it’s your hair or ears? There are people out there who live by finding other’s flaws and making sure to point them out as a daily reminder. Just remember, whatever you believe in, you were created the way you are for a reason and there is no shame in embracing what makes you unique.

Ignore the harsh critiques and let them feel ashamed as you continue on your journey with your head held up high and confidently stride past all the haters. For every person that doesn’t like something about the way you look, remember there are possibly that many people more out there that do! Once you embrace yourself and ignore negativity, these flaws become irrelevant and you can begin to enjoy life that much more.

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5. When Someone Crushes Your Ideas And Your Goals As If They Are Irrelevant

Maybe you have worked in a group before and have made suggestions that you feel were ignored. Or maybe you proposed a plan to a boss or friend about a way to change something or create general progress and that person either responded in the negative or they stared at you blankly.

Keep your goals consistent and let these people know that you are not backing down. Your determination will eventually win out. Ignore comments that crush your ambition. Many successful people do not make it to the top by always doing what others tell them to do; rather they keep their own pursuits and ideas in mind and try to implement them in the process.

6. When Someone Mentions Something About The Way Other People Look

I don’t know how many times I have gone out with friends and they point out something about someone around and mock them because of it. By changing the subject, or giving them a blank stare, perhaps even not acknowledging that you see what they are talking about and looking your friend in the eye instead, you let your friend know that no, this is not acceptable. If they continue to mock others, gently but firmly remind them that we all have flaws and that you choose not to make people feel inferior by pointing them out.

7. When Someone Constantly Refers To Your Weight

Whether you are skinny, fit or curvy, many of us may have experienced criticism about our bodies from friends, strangers and even loved ones. Remember that your body and your experience is yours to claim and just as when someone criticizes something about the way you look, continue to walk with your head held high and let those comments not be a guide to the way you see yourself in the mirror. If there are health concerns about your weight, then your best option is speaking with a doctor a critic that actually really matters.

8. When Someone Constantly Brags About What They Have And What You Do Not Have As Comparison

This is one of the reasons why social networking via the internet tends to be so frustrating. Yet on social networks, it’s easier to ignore comments and status updates than it is in real life. It seems that people constantly like to boast about vacations, new and expensive cars, new shoes, boyfriends or girlfriends, and other things they want you to know that they have and see that you do not. Let them boast. Let this over sharing of information fly over your shoulders. Be thankful for what you do have and don’t let anxiety and shame creep in.

9. When Someone Tells You That You Must Make The Same Choices In Life As They Did

Remember that we all do not have the same journey in life nor do we all walk down the same path. If other’s wanted to share about their experiences and use this time to motivate you and encourage you then great. Otherwise, remember that learning is part of the process of life and the choices you make are yours to make.

Try to remember quotes people have said that you should not ignore. These expressions can help in countering negative ones like these 9 things people say all the time that you should actually ignore. Yes words can hurt, but only if you allow them to.

What words are you quick to ignore? Please tell us in the comments section below!

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