Living an awesome life does not having to be celebrity style debauchery. Let’s face it, most of us do not even have that kind of money to even begin to life in such ways. But again why would we want too?

Check out this beginner’s guide to living an awesome life and consider these 11 tips on getting there. From being inspired to living simply and honestly as well as giving back every so often, life can be even more awesome than we thought!

1. Live Simply And Be Amazed

You never know what may surprise you. Living simply you may begin to find joy in even what you previously considered the small things. Life does not always have to be about how much you can acquire, financial success, and big houses. Rather, life can be about spending time with those you love most, waking up and eating every day, enjoying the sunshine when it is there as well as enjoying the snow and rain.

Life is essentially what we make of it. Why stress and search for more constantly? You may be surprised to find that everything you need is right in front of you.

2. Be Inspired By Positivity

Need something to be inspired by? Be inspired by positivity. Every time you experience something positive, whatever it may be, let that guide you. Sure there is much negativity in this world and that is why it is important to acknowledge positive energy when it comes your way.

Do not fall victim to pessimism and try to by drawn to the better things that keep you feeling alive and happy. Trust, you need positivity in order to have a super awesome life.

3. Find Your Own Meaning

Finding who you are, what life means to you and what your passions are can infuse that bit of happiness in life where it may be lacking. In order to do this, you must first really learn to love and understand yourself. Be more mindful of everything that is going on around you and more conscious of your feelings and reactions to every experience you find yourself in.

Live honestly and think of ways to change what you feel you can work on and how to strengthen strong points. Don’t stress out over things you can do nothing about.

4. Give Back Every So Often

Just as you expect things to come your way, make sure you give back every so often. Whether you choose to volunteer, recycle, or do something as simple as encourage a friend or stranger, giving back shouldn’t have to be chore. See it as a necessary experience, one that will make life more fulfilling, and watch it become a ritual or something you do in life because it is part of your being.

You do not have to do something elaborate. Start small. While everyone else is trying to do big things, the small things are often forgotten. Give back by filling in even a small need in your community and watch how it alters your life. You not only contribute to someone else’s wellbeing, you also contribute to your own.

Connect with the world, the more you give, the more you receive in the end.

5. Travel Outside Your Own Space

You do not necessarily need to travel to India to experience enlightenment and awakening. Rather, simply just travel outside of your own space – your home and your own personal bubble. Observe the world around you and communicate with others.

Read books, gain knowledge and enjoy challenges.

Question things that make you feel uncomfortable and question everything that makes you feel comfortable. Open your mind and step outside the box. Life is so much more than four concrete corners.

6. Connect

Connect with others around you. Everyone has a story and you never know what you can learn from others. Be wise about who you let in your life but be aware of human emotion. You might miss out on meeting someone if you choose to limit yourself to certain people.

Regardless of ethnicity, gender, weight, height or physical ailments that might have previously been a barrier for you when meeting someone, see individuals as people, with a story to tell just like yourself. You never know what you may find.

7. Digest The Day

At the end of the day take some time to understand what just happened. What did you learn? What did you accomplish? What can you work on and what can you change? Digest it and understand it.

In this way you prepare for tomorrow and as you learn, the days, your life, becomes better and better as it goes along. So take out that journal or find that quiet space and begin to think before you begin dreaming.

8. Seize The Moments

Seize each moment like it may be your last. Do not waste time in regret. Live life- Carpe diem. Live with purpose and make no excuses. Life is too short for us to live idly. By not focusing and seizing each moment eventually and quickly everything begins to pass right on by.

Why limit yourself by sticking to what you know. Let the adventure begin and explore before the moment passes you by, because they are never, ever coming back!

9. Remember Goodness And Pass It On

Pay it forward. Remember goodness and pass it on. Each time someone does good for you, remember to do so for others. Goodness should be contagious, it should be an exercise in humanity. While the news shows us all this bad and terrifying stuff going on the world – the pains that one human commits against another, consider reversing the effect by doing what you can.

That means doing good deeds whenever you can. Think back about how it makes you feel when someone does so for you. Consider how much more another person may feel if you simply just acknowledge them. It does not take much but it can make you feel awesome.

10. Forgive

Remember to forgive. Why hold onto grudges and keep yourself from moving forward especially if you consider that the person you feel bitter towards probably is not even in the slightest concerned? Forgive, breathe, and carry on.

Do not hold bitterness all the way to the grave. Think of how much more you can be doing, how much more you can be seeing and how much more you can give yourself and others when you let yourself live.

11. Laugh

Learn to laugh more often. Not those nervous laughs that come with awkward socialization. Rather learn to laugh from the heart – a true gut-filled laugh that vibrates throughout your body. Humor is essential for an awesome life.

Laugh when you are delighted. Laugh about good memories. Laugh when you accomplish. Laugh when you feel great! Laughter is positive and absolutely contagious. While you simply smile, giggle or fall over from laughter, make sure you do it often. Turn that frown, upside down.

These 11 tips for beginners on how to have an awesome life are simple yet effective. Learn to be positive in everything you do and learn to love yourself for who you are. Eventually you may find that an awesome life does indeed begin from within and radiates in everything you do. So go for it!

Are you living an awesome life? What’s your secret? Please share in the comments below.

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