Toddler Begs His Mom To Write A 7 On His Head. I Think It Is Funny!

When children are preschoolers, some of the funniest things come out of their mouths. They start putting concepts and sentences together.

I remember when my children first started talking. The things that they would come up with was completely priceless. There are so many conversations I wish I had captured on camera.

This video was so cute and brought up a lot of memories I have of my children when they were younger. It sounds exactly like the types of conversations we have had.

What is so funny to me is that preschoolers take their ideas so seriously. When they come up with a way to solve a problem, they will fight you tooth and nail about it. It breaks your heart for them when you have to tell them it didn’t work.

What how this mom handles the problem her son has. If it struck a chord in you, be sure to SHARE it with someone else. We can all use a laugh sometimes.

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