How To Manage Your Tolerance For Less Than Ideal Circumstances

Sometimes dealing with certain situations can leave you feeling drained and apprehensive. Learning how to manage your tolerance for less than ideal circumstances may take time but eventually find yourself feeling calm and confident, a different person than you thought you could be. Do not let such incidents leave you anxious and on the brink of your last nerves.

Whether you find yourself in a hopeless situation or under immense stress practicing tolerance for the time being will, as long as you continue to push through, eventually bring you hope and accomplishment. Follow these simple steps to becoming more tolerant.

1. Stay Calm

First, tell yourself to stay calm. When facing less than ideal situations being calm is the first thing you can do to keep yourself from stressing out and making rash and unwarranted decisions. Keep the peace and take a deep breathe. There is no need to make matters bigger than they already are. By staying calm you also lead a healthier life.

Calmness also reduces the chance of suffering from high blood pressure and other problems. Think about your overall physical and mental health and learn to deal with issues in a more positive and relaxed way. By staying calm in the face of hardships, you take a step in reducing your chance of nervousness in even less stressful circumstances. The more calm we are when things are highly tough, the better we can be in all aspects of life.

You can also learn to stay composed under all circumstances by staying neutral in less than tolerable situations. Staying neutral may not be an easy feat for everyone especially those who tend to be more aggressive. But by staying “middle of the road,” you keep yourself from becoming further vested into a circumstance that you do not find ideal. The less you become too involved the easier it is too get out of something when you definitely need too.

2. Don’t Get Involved In Everything

Remember, you do not have to take on the world and all the issues. You too have to live a fulfilling life and the more you get involved in too much of “nothing” around you, the less time you have to really work on yourself. Although that is not to say that you cannot learn from the situation. If you find yourself involved in something less than ideal, be mindful, learn from it and continue going forward. No need to dwell too much in uncomfortable territory.

3. Be Patient

Further, practice being patient in all circumstances you find yourself in. Patience is definitely a virtue especially when it comes to developing tolerance. It is hard to have especially when dealing with circumstances that you find yourself repeatedly in. If change does not seem to be occurring in your life where you feel you need it the most, learn to be patient and content with what is in front of you at the moment.

Life is not always going to be the way you would like it to be. But know that it can change with a little perseverance and patience to keep you going along the way. Develop the patience you need to survive less than ideal circumstance and free yourself from nauseating anxiety and tension.

Choose to be mindful and learn from whatever you are going through. Learn how to tolerate less than ideal circumstances by understanding what causes them to occur and why they are there in the first place.

Maybe you feel like you are already a person who tolerates much. But trust me: all that can change if you do not continue to practice. Not only doing you need to practice be patient, practice be tolerant when you find yourself experiencing something that you can definitely learn from. Mindfulness or attentiveness makes you conscious of your surroundings, conscious of others, conscious of yourself and conscious of what you are taking in. By being mindful, you avoid the risk of finding yourself in the same situation at a further date. You also know the signs of what to look for when you would rather stay away from things that get you feeling irritated.

4. Test Your Limits

Consider to often test your limits. It is important to test your limits every so often by seeing how well you deal with certain issues. Not to say that you should purposely find yourself dealing with something that can create anxiety in your life. But if you find yourself in such situations, it may be best not to throw a fit or suddenly hide within a bubble. Instead, think, act according and breathe. You may be surprised by how well you actually deal with something that you had previously thought you would never be able to tolerate. Do not underestimate yourself, you can get through it if you tell yourself you can.

If the going gets tough, stand strong and consider what options you have to find your way out. If your limits have been tested enough and you find circumstances to be too much to deal with, calmly find your way out of them. Be serious about it. Do not let people walk all over you. If you feel truly uncomfortable about something and you know that something is truly morally wrong, question it. Do not test your limits to the point where you forget who you are and find yourself doing something detrimental to your health and wellbeing. Test the waters a bit and if they are not safe, get moving. Fast…

See this as a challenge and find opportunity in it. Seeing challenging situations and circumstances as an opportunity gives you a whole new perspective on the situation in the best way possible. Use that stamina you have been working on for most of your life and welcome opportunities when they come your way. Less than ideal circumstances can be your chance to show that you are resilient, strong and wise enough to get through situations. This can be an added push and advantage when you want to prove that you can accomplish. Need something to motivate you and to inspire others? See hardships as a challenge, dare yourself to get through them and find yourself winning.

5. Don’t Become Frustrated

And of course, do not allow yourself to become frustrated. Frustration can lead to a whole different kind of catastrophe. Try to avoid frustration and annoyance by once again being patient and trying to understand the situation you are in. Again, there is no need to make things worse (and this is what you can easily do). Relax and prevent yourself from doing something that you may end up regretting all because frustration clouded your view. Avoid becoming a monster and think encouragingly and confidently. After all, everything ends eventually. The more positivity you surround yourself with the faster annoyances seem to disappear.

So learn how to be mindful and let that wariness fade like the wind. From practicing patience, staying neutral and finding challenge in opportunity, managing tolerance can be simple endeavor. Learn to manage your tolerance for less than ideal circumstances and learn a whole new level of meaning for life complete with all the perks and benefits that can get you back to feeling happy and well in no time. It is not really that difficult as it seems!

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