This Is A Touching Story Of Friendship And Strength – Guaranteed To Make You Cry!

Most of us are on social media every day, browsing through our newsfeed. We stumble across a lot of videos now – there are so many floating around! I have discovered videos that make me cry and I have discovered videos that make me laugh so hard my stomach hurts. There are so many great ones out there that sometimes it feels hard to find something truly original.

I can say for certain, this video will blow you away.

I was sucked in. I was touched. I cried and I smiled. It is a beautiful story about two friends in an unlikely place: a hospital room.

Two men lay in beds in a hospital room. One of them cannot see. His friend keeps him entertained by describing what he sees going on in the park outside the window. They smile and laugh together. They keep each other company. Until one day when something happens.

Wait until you hear what the nurse has to say at the end of the video. I did not expect that at all! Watch this video to see this beautiful and inspiring friendship, and please SHARE this to encourage people to look at life with a smile!

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