Watch This Guy Transform A Stranger’s Sad Story Into Something Beautiful

When I was little, my mom would let me walk around by myself. I could go to the neighbors house. I could walk to and from school. I never had to worry.

Things have changed. It seems that the world isn’t a safe place anymore.

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When we turn on the news, we see story after story of people doing bad things. We see people hurting one another. And sometimes it makes me wonder… are there any good people out there anymore?

This video gave me proof that there are.

Valarie lost her baby at birth. She had the room set up for him – the wallpaper, the toys, the crib. She couldn’t bring herself to part with any of it. Then one day a man saw the crib and asked if it was for sale. Reluctantly, she said yes.

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As he was loading it into his car, he heard the story behind the unused crib and it touched his heart. He returned a week later with an amazing gift for the heartbroken mother.

Watch the video to see what this man makes out of the crib, and please SHARE this to help people see that there is still good in this world.

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