Two Little Girls Helped Their Daddy Deliver A Heart-Melting Message To Their Mom

Scott Worgan and Caitlin Miller have built a wonderful life over the past six years. Two of the most amazing things that they’ve been blessed with during their time together are their beautiful young daughters. But although Scott was incredibly happy with the three lovely ladies in his life, he felt that something was missing. He got his children together, wrote some words on paper, and prepared to ask a question that would change all of their lives forever.

Daddy and his little girls worked hard to create a heart-warming video to ask for Caitlin’s hand in marriage. Sure, getting married is a big change that can definitely be a little scary to think about, but there’s clearly so much love in this family that I don’t think they’ll have any reason to worry. Caitlin gave Scott a big ‘yes,’ so now these four are going to have to deal with all the consequences that come from being incredibly happy. I don’t know about you, but I think they’ll handle it just fine.

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