Who does not want to be successful in life and achieve a variety of things they define and feel the satisfaction and delight associated with it? Advertisers presenting advertising spend millions and millions of dollars to encourage and urge us to purchase something we might not really need or even want that much.

Is this not shocking and surprising to you? A good example of this is the automobile industry. In this industry advertisers have these automobile commercials, in which you virtually experience the luxury, speed, and coolness of owning the cars of your dreams. You fall in this fit for the 30 seconds of the commercial and after the commercial is done, could continue thinking about this commercial or the product being advertised. Did this happen to you before?

Well, this could create what is known as cognitive dissonance; the feeling of discomfort and not being content of having two beliefs that are conflicting. One of the beliefs is that you simply cannot afford a certain car but the other belief is that you want and deserve the car.

This experience is like having two people or things pull you from both sides; a tug of war. Moreover, this experience is present throughout life; you work and put in a lot of effort in something, but need to wait and cannot have it right now.

Did you know that we have the power to program our subconscious minds? Do you know what the subconscious mind is? A subconscious mind, a topic studied in psychology, is the part of the mind that stores information that may not be processed with full comprehension by the conscious mind instantly. This information can be later retrieved by the conscious mind. This part of the brain can be used to help us achieve various things. This might seem weird or simple for some but this act of visualization can really help accomplish and reach your goals.

How come visualization is strong and significant? As we make visualization a regular thing, where we visualize a goal we want to reach, imagine the final outcome, believe it is possible, our brains start to take steps to achieve this goal and reach our desired destination. We become more motivated and focused on accomplishing our goals.

Not only will you have increased motivation, but you could also start to get creative thoughts that will support you with checking your goal off your to-do list. Remember that thoughts in the subconscious mind are usually those put aside and not immediately processed by the mind, thus you could end up thinking and visualizing these ideas in the shower because visualization stimulates you to wake up to messages that have not been addressed previously.

Jack Canfield, best-selling author and one of the earliest peak-performance champions, says it well. He says, “Your brain wants to solve your problems. When you are stuck, it simply means that your mind isn’t open to the solutions.  Visualization releases this resistance and allows the brain to do its job and make you happy.” So venture off and start visualization. You have nothing to lose by incorporating visualization in your daily life.

Throughout this article, we will be discussing 6 of the many tips for visualizing success while in the shower:

1. Choose An Image

Choosing images can sometimes be a key to proper visualization. You could be in the shower and paint a picture of what you want to see yourself become and begin on the start line of solving a puzzle. Make it a goal to add a new piece of information to the puzzle every day. The shower is a nice, calm place where you can brainstorm ideas and reach something.

Moreover, this is similar to looking at the bigger picture of things. You need to combine the smaller pictures together and focus on those altogether and then that will lead to viewing the “full picture”. This term is heard a lot but does it really mean that? Well, you are sometimes able to analyze situations from a different perspective and from a bystander point of view. A bystander is a person that is not connected to the situation and just views the situation with no inclination.

One good strategy would be to pick at least one image to hold in your mind while you go through your daily visualization activity. Ask yourself questions to help in engaging yourself in thinking of images. How would getting good grades in university help or feel like? Create a visual party or celebration of your success and see how that would feel. That will help motivate you and you could work your way backwards to reach that image you have in mind.

2. Make Visualizing A Daily Exercise

Often we perform activities and tasks and then in the middle, we go off track or quit altogether. Does this relate to you or do you think you are the kind of person that sticks to assignments and tasks until they are completed and never give up. The way we achieve this kind of mentality is through practice and consistence. Now, consistence is possible by adding the activity of interest to our daily list of to-do things. The same thing applies to visualization. Implement visualization and make it a daily habit.

Become a skilled expert at visualization and you will be able to practice it and do it everywhere. However, in the beginning, a quiet space is needed such as the shower. Well, technically the shower is not really noisy, with all the water sound but it is a place where you have a clear mind to think of different things.

Make yourself relaxed and focus on seeing that image of success and give your mind time and space to wander. See yourself becoming that store or company CEO, taking that wonderful vacation, becoming a professional skateboarder. It is important to be at the peak of this feeling for a good amount of time.

3. Decide On What You Want

Do you know what you want to get out of life? Do you know what success is to you and the steps towards achieving that success? Setting goals and sitting with yourself to know what you want to achieve is a very important thing. Your goals must be specific and clear.

Let us say you want to become a famous musician, imagine and visualize yourself playing in front of hundreds of people and the applause or standing ovation you receive as a result of your wild performance. Do not get tangled on how you are going to achieve your goal. Just make sure you set your mind to reaching that point of success, defined by you, and the “how” will come along the way.

Visualization can come into play here, where you can use it to visualize a few events or accomplishments that you could have and compare and contrast. After doing that, it becomes a matching game. You need to ask yourself which out of the ten moments of success you imagined for example are the most relevant to you. That way you will reach a conclusion on what goal you can run after for the time being, while keeping other goals on the side bench waiting for their turn next.

Make sure you do not oversaturate your brain and thinking with various goals you want to achieve at one time. Take it step by step and set realistic, clear, achievable, and measurable goals. More importantly, no one can make the decision of “what you want” for you, because they are not in your place and may not feel the same way about a certain thing or task. However, be open to advice and do not feel like it is a waste of time to listen to people with more experience because they might end up pointing out something that will adjust your thoughts and put them on the right track.

Many times we have thought we were doing things right, only to find out that there is something slight we did not realize and needed to change to achieve our goals.

4. Have A Clear Mind

Did you ever think about something important in life as you were thinking or had your brain filled with other things at the same time? Who did not do this? Sometimes life is just so busy that you have no time to think about one thing at a time and thus need to multitask or think of many things at one instant. There could be a bad side to this; thinking about two things at the same time can decrease the efficiency with which you think about each individual thing. Even more, this could cause us to make the wrong decision about something really important to us and not realize.

We should try our best not to fall in this trap, especially when it comes to our self-defined success. Success is something that we value greatly and that we need to take our time thinking about, because not doing so can lead us down the hill. Take it step by step and use visualization to help with this process.

5. Be Positive

As we all know positivity is something we need to live with and something that needs to be like our shadow wherever we go. We have seen along our journey of life how positivity can alter things in ways we did not imagine. The best thing about positivity is that is a universal concept that can implemented to any scenario or situation. So, do you classify or identify yourself as a positive person generally or a negative one?

Very often we miss the fact that there is a fine, invisible line between being positive and negative or reacting to situations in an incorrect way. Positivity’s sidekick is positive energy, which is important and creates a marvelous, pressure-free aroma; a place to relax and feel at ease with yourself. This is one of the things people that are successful or that are dedicated to make it to the top implement and visualize each day and in various situations.

Think of it this way; you have to visualize success, but one step before that is the visualization of positivity. Positivity is a universal key that works on both bad and good doors.  Thus, make sure that you live positivity and always change your point to view to an optimistic one.

6. Be Passionate

Are you passionate about your goals or do you just think like to go with the flow and try to achieve but not try your best? Activities or tasks you love doing and enjoy are your passions. Such passions can range from school and education to driving fancy cars and owning big, classy mansions.

There is no limitation on what you can begin doing and loving because it is your choice and call to find something you love and enjoy doing. Do not let go of those passions, because the more passionate about something, the more you will be interested in visualizing that event and imagining the aftermath of achieving it. Moreover, if you are not content with the job you have and wish to change, do not be afraid of doing so and visualizing different jobs to test which one would suit you and make you the most happy. However, changing jobs or fields could be harsh and difficult at first, but if you stick to your true passion you could end up much better than ever.

Remember that visualization only works properly when you have the willpower, passion, and focus to stick with this method. This is similar to any other aspect of life, if you do not persist, then you might lose. More importantly, thoughts and ideas do not become a reality overnight, so you need to visualize and be patient. The more you do these things the faster you could make your dream a reality.

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Visualization is a great tool to achieve success and to imagine what the situation would be like after you have achieved your goal or dream. The shower is one of the places when you are alone and have a clear mind and thus can take advantage of the situation and implement visualization. Take advantage of that time and start approaching your dreams and getting to closer to your own version of success. Experiment with visualization techniques and figure out which strategy works best for you. Remember, there is nothing to lose, and trying is definitely better than not doing anything.

Do you use any of these tips in your daily life? Feel free to brag about your success with visualization in the comments!



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