5 Warning Signs That A Crisis Is Coming Your Way

A crisis or a sudden disaster can catch us off guard and feel like it is occurring at any time. Recognizing when you are experiencing one can keep the disbelief away if a situation is to become worse. Although not all crises are easily managed, below are 5 warning signs that let you know you may be experiencing one or heading that way.

Remember that recognizing it early keeps it from turning into the worst disaster possible and seeking to take steps to change where you are heading can make everything all the more bearable.

From sudden feelings of rejection to changes in behavior and strange thoughts, having a crisis can put you in a bind that is hard to cut loose from. Here are some signs to alert you of the potential of the problem and ways to encourage you to be free of future crises and the ones you may be experiencing at the moment whether small or great.

1. Everything Suddenly Feels Like Rejection

Even the simplest sideways glance from someone can feel like a judgment or some sort of rejection when experiencing a crisis. Imagine that even paying attention too much to all the negative energy in the world and not enough to the positive energy can leave us feeling paranoid about even glances. Other instances include being intensely saddened by negative feedback or feeling not incorporated into events and social gatherings.

Have you ever asked someone to help you complete something and they said no? Suddenly you feel like this person doesn’t like you or they want to see you fail. Maybe you have sudden feelings of loss and shame like the world you were trying to carry has suddenly become so much of a burden that you allow it to crush you.

Feelings of rejection or expecting to be rejected and eventually feeling like a failure are a sign that you may be heading directly for a major crisis. Try and remember to not take everything so personal. See rejection as the other person’s loss and move on. Keep confident by remembering that it is not what others say or think about you, it is how you think of yourself and what you do to keep yourself happy and healthy.

2. You Have Stopped Socializing With People You Care About Most

This is a sign to others that care about you that you may be experiencing stress, anxiety, depression or something related to these. A sure indication of a crisis waiting to happen, closing yourself off from the world can be traumatic and torturous. Torturous because isolation can eventually drive one insane!

Although we all need time to ourselves sometimes, isolating others for days especially when you did not tell those you are most close with that you will do so can create a crisis within the family unit as well. Make sure to let those you care most for know when that extra space is needed and you desire time to think and do alone. Otherwise, remember to seek encouragement and support when you need it most.

If you need a change in atmosphere, try doing sometime different that interest you like join a poetry or book club and let your creative spirit flow. Make new friends and open up communication with more people to keep things interesting and perspective diverse. Communication can be positive and eventually change the way you see things in the best way possible.

3. You Are On Your Worst Behavior

There are more than a few songs that reference this sign that you are in a crisis. Being the worst that you can be as a fellow human being and citizen of the world can put you out of focus. Avoid bad energy and recognize when what you are doing now greatly differs in a negative way from what you did then. According to studies, some people tend to deviate towards abnormal behavior when they sense they are going through a life changing event.

Do not let yourself believe that this is just a phase. Instead insist on taking care of the issue before it is too late. Challenge yourself to make a change and have a closer look at your attitude. After all, it is the best behavior that ends up getting the reward.

4. You Watch Motivation Fly Out The Window

Tired of waiting for that chance opportunity or change to come to your life? Feeling tired is perfectly usual. Feelings of demotivation may affect you today but do not drag those feelings along with you tomorrow. The best way to grasp motivation is to remember what keeps you motivated. Losing any sense of enthusiasm or purpose can definitely open the playing field up and allow disaster to take over in the game of life. Although this may seem not so bad, trust me, it can get there fairly swiftly.

5. You Start Wondering Why You Were Even Born

Why question your existence if you are already here to begin with. Focus on what in life has made you happy and feel like life has a meaning and purpose and less on what doesn’t make you feel so. Even the smallest of things can make life meaningful. Ever wonder why the sky was blue or seen something or someone so beautiful life just seemed to pause? These are all things you were meant to experience and enjoy, to question. Wondering so much on why you were even born can eventually lead to more devastating circumstances, deeper thoughts and a sense of sorrow.

Instead be thankful to your parents for having you, embrace that you are here and see life in the present and future. Known that one day you will understand even more with your purpose eventually being fulfilled. Find joy in all things and remember to be grateful.

These 5 signs that a crisis is coming should not be taken lightly. Avoid them when you can to give way to brighter days.

Have you noticed any other signs a crisis is coming? Please share them in the comments section below.

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