9 Warning Signs You Still Aren’t Getting What You Want Out Of Life

We all have dreams. How we choose to pursue them and when depends on our individual outlooks. But what do we do when we do reach for our dreams and goals yet everything seems to be so far away?

Below are 9 warning signs you still aren’t getting what you want out of life no matter how hard you may try.

Whether you are becoming more pessimistic or easily giving up, these impulses are usually triggered by the feeling of not getting the success you feel you really deserve. If you identify with any of this, it may be time to figure out a way to change the situation and avoid falling away into oblivion.

1. You Become Overly Pessimistic

Are you beginning to scrutinize everything and everyone or perhaps questioning even your own actions? These negative thoughts and feelings can definitely begin to influence the way you respond or don’t respond to situations. Becoming pessimistic means living life in your own bubble afraid to branch out and experience.

If your mind is telling you that everything is bad suddenly, it’s time to look within and figure out why you feel this way and find something positive to remedy it. Perhaps by surrounding yourself with optimistic peers will do the trick. Positivity reflects off of one and shines on another.

2. You Easily Give Up On Goals When Things Are Not Going Your Way

Suddenly you feel like giving up on everything even simple tasks can sometimes seem too hard. You start to ask questions like why should you have to work hard in life if there is not going to be any sort of beneficial outcome? It is actually quite common to feel this way. Feeling rejected and unheard often leads us to think that we may never find success.

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Try looking on the bright side. In the morning wake up with goals in mind whether it is cleaning the house or emailing an old friend, whatever you want to accomplish daily. Make it your daily motivating factor to complete these simple tasks and at the end of the day, think back about how it made you feel to get these done. In the long run, these positive actions can be a bigger motivating factor for you to continue on the path of positive life outcomes.

3. Everything You Do, You Begin To Do It Half-Heartedly

Maybe you do still try and pursue your dreams- daily and life goals. Yet you do so half-heartedly. Feeling like in the end it won’t really matter anyway. Maybe you procrastinate more, feeling like there isn’t any reason or motivation to really plan to make an effort.

Half-hearted decisions, actions and effort can have a draining effect. Take time before completing an endeavor and reason with yourself about why you should try harder. Trust me, someone will notice and in the long run, the effort pushes you closer to what you want out of life.

4. You Have The Feeling Of Being Stuck

Ever feel like no matter how hard you try, you just cannot go forward? This feeling is similar to being stuck in quicksand. Every step you take, every time you try and move, you keep sinking deeper.

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My advice? Start by figuring out what it is exactly that you feel stuck in and talk to someone, if possible about it. Getting encouragement, advice and support can help you figure out how to move forward and see that quicksand from a distance so you can best avoid it.

5. Anxiety Is Creeping In

Feelings of anxiousness, unease and agitation can lead to a bunch of problems. Not only does anxiety affect our social lives and daily interactions, it also effects the way we sleep, eat, and think. Although the feelings of anxiety are hard to get rid of especially if the feelings are sudden, there are simple steps you can take to reduce the risk of unrest.

Journaling is always a great way to get your feelings out. This sort of meditation can bring about positive transformation, putting those feelings of turmoil down on paper to get them out. Another great way to deal with anxiety is by taking it head one, but slowly- why rush, let time be on your side. If suddenly you feel too nervous to speak in front of crowds, try speaking in front of a crowd. Don’t let anxiousness overcome you rather you overcome anxiousness.

6. Your Life is Filled With Constant Stress

Some people deal with feeling like they are not getting what they want from life by doing more than they can actually handle. They participate in every event, go to every party, take on every job and are overall “yes” men/women. While it is great to be active, it is not always best to stay constantly busy with no time for yourself.

In the process of staying busy with other things, you may find yourself forgetting what you were striving for to begin with. Take time to chill. During this relaxation think of what makes you happy and dare to dream a bit. Find time to put these dreams first and let the busy work have a break.

7. Your Physical And Mental Health Are Being Effected

Just like with stress and anxiety, your mental and physical health can be effected suddenly. It is best to talk to someone when changes like this occur. Sudden changes in appearance and the way you think can indicate something much deeper than you expected. This in turn can be a significant block in why you are experiencing a lack of progress in your ambitions.

8. You Don’t Remember What You Wanted Out Of Life Anymore

Pushing aside and then eventually forgetting what you want out of life is definitely a warning sign. Eventually, when looking back, you don’t want to think that you could and should have done something but you did not do it because everything at the time was not going your way.

It’s never too late to continue down that path of fulfillment. Like children learning to live a little more make plans, remember what inspires you and go for it.

9. You Are Not As Ambitious About Your Dreams As You Used To Be

This has and can happen to the best of us. The loss of ambition is truly depressing especially if you cannot get over it. If you are sure about your goals, then don not give up. Let that passion embrace you again and keep your head up, ready and confident to make dreams into reality.

Do you experience any of these warning signs? Remember that what you want from life should not end just because you are not reaping immediate benefits. Try changing your outlook and question yourself when you begin to feel like you are not where you want to be. Ask yourself how you can make it all possible and remember everything you have accomplished so far.

Even in what we may consider the mistakes of our lives, there is always something there to learn from, something that can push you along the way to getting what you want with a conscious understanding of how you actually got there.

What’s holding you back from getting what you want outta life? Tell us in the comments below.

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