Every day we have to find new energy to deal with difficult problems and difficult people. Here are some ways that can help you recreate your motivation:


1. Pointless

If you give up, everything you achieved so far is pointless, because you gave up. All the things you did to achieve the goal you have in mind, will vanish. You will have to start from scratch the next time you decide to start over.


2. Take A Moment

Think about it. If it was easy, anyone could do it, right?


3. Feel It

But You Cannot Do It Everyone feels like giving up at some point or another. It is perfectly normal to be tired of everything, and then we realize that there are just too many reasons to move on. It just does not pay off to give up.


4. You Need A Break

Maybe you are encumbered with all the things you have to do, and feeling powerless when you realize that you do not manage your time in the right way. Take some time off, make some time for yourself, to relax completely.


5. Success Does Not Just Happen

You have to work for it. If you often have these moments when you don’t want to do it any more, that means you are on the right track. You do not feel like it, but you keep going, keep trying and struggling and eventually you achieve your goal. Remember, when you overcome the barriers, your goal is waiting for you!


6. Change Your Attitude

If you tell to yourself that you cannot do it, you will probably give up very soon. Truth be told, you certainly can do it. It is just a matter of  persistence.


7. Why?

Why are you doing this thing you want to give up doing? Is there an easier, better way to do it? Is it really the only way to do it? If the answer is yes, then you will know that it is the only way to achieve your goal.


8. Persistence Really Works

Truly believing and understanding that the persistence works will help you overcome anything. If you are deeply convinced the persistence will make your goal come true, you will keep on going and eventually get there.


9. Sharing Your Goals Can Make It Easier  

Since some people can give you useful ideas about your ‘project’, this may reduce the frequency of your low motivation moments.


10. Be Proud

Bad moments can suddenly come up if you forget how to appreciate your achievements, no matter how small they may be.


11. Be Aware Of The Challenges

Before you decide working on your ‘project’, or the goal you want to achieve, you should be aware that there will be bumps in the road. So when it happens, you can expect and recognize it.


12. Do Not Let Your Past Shape Your Future

Failure is a part of success, and you should accept is as such. There is no success story which started off successfully.


13. Learn From Your Failures

If you refuse to learn from your failures, you will probably double the amount of failures you will face. But even that does not mean you will not succeed!


14. Persistence Is The Key

As Winston Churchill once said: “If you have an important point to make, don’t try to be subtle or clever. Use a pile driver. Hit the point once. Than come back and hit it again. Then hit it a third time – a tremendous whack.”


15. Rediscover The Passion

What was the reason you started going towards your goal? Go back to the source of your motivation, the passion or desire and rekindle it.


16. Tenacity Is More Important Than Talent

Talent is important, but if it were not for tenacity, talented people would not make it either!


17. Think Of The Alternatives

No matter what you do, try to think of at least one other way to do it. If you can think of more    ways, that is even better. Otherwise, try to get at least one. Giving up seems pretty unnecessary when   you have at least one additional option.


18. Imagine Giving Up

And then imagine giving up on that. That is how success feels like!

If you do decide to give up, in spite of all the reasons we mention, here is what happens: you will be happy for a day or two. Then you will start feeling miserable, and probably regret it forever.


19. What Does Not Kill You, Makes You Stronger

This is a very true statement. After you overcome the will to give up, you will feel empowered. Great source of motivation ever!


20. The Storm Before The Breakthrough

When it gets bad, it can only get better. You just need to be patient.


21. You Are Not The Only One

Talk to your friends and family members about all of these things messing with your motivation. You will probably get some great pieces of advice, since they have been through these situations. Even the fact that they understand you, but do not encourage you to give up speaks for itself!


22. In Some Cases Giving Up Is A Blessing

Consider your situation thoroughly to check if this could be the case, and if so, it can be a great new start for you!


23. Stay Positive

Say to yourself: ‘I can do it.’ And you will do it!


24. If You Do Not Try, You Will Feel Like The Motivation Is Gone

But you will most certainly never succeed either!


25. Do Not Worry About Other People’s Comments

They are not in your shoes, they do not understand you and therefore say things completely inappropriate and inapplicable to your situation.


26. Giving Up Means Accepting The Failure

Refuse the failure and stick to the attitude


27. Release The Emotions

But do not let them define your future conduct


28. Successful People Do Not Like It Either

But they keep on going because they know the value of persistence


29. It Is Easy To Get Started But It Is Hard To Complete

And it is hard just because sometimes you are not confident enough. If you are able to remove all the negative thoughts, you are confident enough.


30. Get Used To It

Because if you want to achieve your goal, it will happen again. There will be plenty of these moments when you want to quit.


31. There Are So Many Discouragements

However, you need to learn to rise above them. You have to be aware that rising above these discouragements will help you make your dream come true.


32. If It Were Not For The Problems, The Success Would Not Be Appreciated

Who can value the success more than someone who faced so many problems, obstacles, discouragements? When everything worked against you, you persisted. And that is why you will be perfectly aware of the value contained in the success. You do want to give up, but you do not do it. That is the true value of success!


33. If You Are Tired Get Some Rest

And see what is your perspective tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow. Sometimes our physical condition at certain point influences our whole perspective and view on our overall life situation. You should avoid this.


34. Make Some Cleaning Up

There are some people in your life that always have some negative comments about you and your life. They can also be one of the obstacles, and pull you back. Distance yourself from those people.


35. Negativity Will Not Help You

Avoid negative thoughts and those beginning with “I cannot…” They can be nothing but a negativity which will make the things harder for you.


36. Fear Of Failure

Fear of failure is a powerful tool, and it can prevent you from achieving the goal you really want to achieve.


37. Refusal Can Be Good

If people refuse to help you, it can be a great thing. Instead of thinking about giving up, you can use the extra energy to invest in the project of doing it yourself! Recall Einstein’s quote: “I’m thankful to all those who said ‘NO’ , because of them I did it myself.”


38. Try Not Giving Up And You Will See Its Value

Not giving up will help you achieve your goal and be pleased because you persisted, be happy because you managed to do what you want and it will happen again if you refuse to give up.


39. If You Give Up, You Will Regret It

No one ever regretted not giving up


40. Do Not Overthink

Overthinking can worsen the situation when your motivation got to the very bottom, and will ultimately prevent you from achieving the goal.


41. Do Not Forget Your Long-Term Goal

Have it in your mind at all times and be aware of it.


42. The Only Valid Excuse Is Death

So, as long as you are alive and free, there is no reason to give up. None whatsoever.


43. You Are The Closest To Your Goal When You Want To Give Up

This fact alone can pretty efficiently help you remove the idea of giving up. Besides, it is true!


44. Inspire Other People

You can inspire many people indeed, especially teenagers and those who are still struggling to figure out what they really want in their life. Motivating yourself will help others get motivated, isn’t that a great reason to stay on the track?


45. Do Not Give Up On Your Dreams

If you do, you will have to work for someone else’s dreams. And that is not a very appealing idea.


46. Prove It

If you keep motivating yourself every day, you will prove it to yourself, and to everyone else that you can do it. You want that, right?


47. You Are Very Strong

Even though you often think you are not. One failure is not even close to make your give up. Or even multiple failures. You are stronger than that!


48. Be Realistic

Do not set your expectations too high, and then disappoint easily because you did not meet the expectations. Set reasonable goals and give your best. And of course, never give up!


49. Did Someone Else Do it?

If anyone else did it, than you can do it as well. However, if no one else did it, your would be the first one. That would be awesome indeed!


50. Believe In Your Dreams

If you do not believe in your dreams, why would anyone else? People are inclined to believe people who seem confident about themselves (especially their dreams), and being confident can help you achieve your goal easier since whatever your goal may be, convincing certain people to help you plays an important role on your way to success.


51. The Beginning Is Always The Hardest

Be prepared for this, get a lot of patience and persistence. You will need it badly.


52. You Have Everything It Takes

Basically, you have everything you need. You just need to use it, and refuse the giving up. That is what it takes to make it.


53. Success Feels Amazing

Do you want to learn how it feels like? There is no better feeling in the whole world. And if you give up, you will never find out how it feels.


54. If You Keep Going, It Will Make You Learn A Lot

If you keep going, you will learn a great lesson you would have never learned if you quit and start procrastinating.


55. It Can Only Get Better

There will always be some bumps in the road, that is life. But it gets better as you become stronger and more persistent. There will be no bump in the road that can shock you.


56. Small Steps

If you take small steps, you will not put so much pressure on yourself. And it will help you distribute your energy on all the things you have to do. Do not push yourself too hard because it can be counterproductive. If you take small steps, you will not think often about giving up.


57. Learn To Deal With Stress

Good stress management can save you a lot of energy, and help you focus the energy on the right things.


58. Find Support In Other People

Whatever happens to us, it is easier when we have support and understanding from other people. Instead of listening to bad comments and pointless remarks, try to develop a relationship with people you know care about you. It will be much easier to deal with everything else, including the lack of motivation.
How do you motivate yourself? Please share your tips in the comments section below. I would love to hear your comments 🙂



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