Fear is often holding us back from getting us to where we would like to be? Here are 5 simple but effective ways to overcome your fears before they overcome you.

Whether you face a fear of so-called simple things or are afraid of something that hold you back emotionally, fear can really cripple you! Check out these 5 tips below and kick fear in the butt before fear kicks you.

1. Be Curious And Explore

By simply going further than you ever thought you could go- be curious and explore your options. Take notice of all that is around you and take notice of all that may seem far and out of reach. Explore your world and take risks. Enjoy everything while you can.

2. Dare To Live

We all have something we are scared of doing- maybe it is trekking through a forest or standing somewhere up high. Maybe it something as simple as saying hello to your crush or as stressful as asking for forgiveness or overcoming guilt. Why do these things make us fearful?

Often it is because we do not know wat will come next. But dare to live. Live by the moment and experience things as they are and understand what they possibly may be for your life. Sooner or later you might find that it actually doesn’t even really matter whether you succeed at something because what does matter is that it helps you in some way to grow stronger.

3. Take Baby Steps

Everyday plan on taking baby steps to overcome fear. Baby steps mean taking it all slowly. You do not have to do something that scares you all at once in order to accomplish the goal of overcoming fear. Instead try to do things that build up to the grand finale – things that will make it less stressful when you do go for the goal. But if you prefer to conquer you fear and get it over and done with- go for it. If not, consider ways in which you can build up your courage and move from there.

4. Be Aware

Be aware of what it is you are fearful of and why. Understanding fear, like “knowing thy enemy” makes it easier to look it in the face and stand up to it. So, why are you afraid of heights? Or why are you afraid of public speaking? Look within yourself and figure out what is holding you back from moving forward and being brave.

5. Stay Positive

Once fear sets in, it is hard to knock it out. Fear inserts itself in everything we do and distorts everything we see. Fear drags negativity into your life along with it and let’s face it. Negativity never got anyone anywhere. So how do we do the opposite? How do we stay positive?

Plan… Plan to have positive thoughts, plan to surround yourself with positive people, plan on participating in positive activities, plan on making everything into positive energy and eliminate fear before fear tries to enslave you.

While being afraid may have a deeper meaning for you personally, these small tips can help you on your journey to overcoming fear. So do not miss out on everything around you and seek a free life.

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