11 Weird Habits That Could Make You Live Longer

Living longer is about really taking care of yourself and doing what you need to survive. Here are 11 weird habits that could help you live longer. From laughing out loud to eating strange fruits and veggies, living longer can be a simple and all around learning experience.

1. Laughing Out Loud

Research indicates that those who have a life filled with humor are more likely to live longer. According to researchers in Norway, laughing at least once a day can not only bring you happiness, it can bring you a longer live. Humor is said to help people cope with stress and in turn benefits the immune system which may expand life. Next time you have that urge to laugh out loud go ahead and get to laughing!

2. Walking Everywhere

So many studies stress the importance of exercise but that does not mean that you have to find yourself forever in a gym. Consider walking as an easy and efficient source of exercise. Walk up and down stairs instead of taking elevators, walk during lunch. Walk anywhere you can when it is feasibly possible. Walking helps boost the heart and keeps unhealthy fats at bay. By enjoying at least 30 minutes a day, your body benefits in significant ways. Want to see how much it actually benefits you? Download a walking app on your smart phone or buy a walking and running monitoring gadget to track your distance, calories burned and progress daily.

3. Limit The Amount Of Processed Foods In Your Diet

Many studies point to the negative effects processed foods have on our diets. Instead of microwaving dishes bought from the frozen food aisle of your local grocer, consider making dishes on your own. Processed foods are full of salts, sugars and other bad ingredients used to preserve them and are not necessarily good for the body no matter how good they may taste.

Besides that, many so-called ingredients in packaged foods may be carcinogenic or cause cancers and other illnesses. Find yourself too busy to cook daily? When you do have the time, prepare homemade dishes and keep them frozen or in the refrigerator ready to be heated up in the oven. What better way to reward your body during and after a long day then to replenish it with good, natural and vital nutrients?

4. Learn Something Complicated

Research and studies indicate that the more you learn the more you exercise your mind. Something complicated like a second language for instance can deter the onset of Alzheimer disease thus expanding life by a number of years according to Toronto studies. Not keen on learning a second language? Consider learning how to play chess or a musical instrument. Practice mathematical equations or study philosophy. Whatever you do enjoy it and master it. Exercise that mind and live longer while gaining more knowledge.

5. Live High Up In Elevated Places

According to a number of scientific studies conducted in the Colorado mountains, people who live at a higher elevated region tend to live longer than those who live in valleys. Why? Well not only is the walking uphill a good workout not only for your body but also your heart, fresher mountain air is probably an important reason.

Pollution shave a tendency to sit in lower plain and valley areas where higher populations exist thus creating health issues like asthma and so much more. While it is obviously not possible for everyone to move to the mountains, try vacationing in higher elevations when you can. Historically in the Eastern USA, many with breathing and health problems would travel to the Adirondack mountains for fresh air and treatment. Now we know why!

6. Hard Work

While the idea of stress seems life-threatening, hard work does not have to be stressful. Keep yourself busy and active, pursuing goals and making accomplishments as much as you can. Working hard and reaping the rewards not only makes us happier, it also in many ways keeps us from stressing out. How? Well the busier you are, the less likely you are to focus on things that negatively impact your emotions and wellbeing. So whatever you work on, continue to work and make progress moving from one project to the next.

7. Socializing

While not everyone is exactly an extrovert, socializing is a great way to communicate, ease our minds and yes live longer. Socialization cuts the rate of depression and opens our eyes to the world beyond. So the next time you are out and about, find friends, acquaintances and get to speaking, listening and spending time with others for a healthier life.

8. Volunteer

Doing for others is just good all around. According to the Corporation for National and Community Service, volunteering expands life significantly. Lending a helping hand to others especially when they need it the most, gives us a heightened sense of wellbeing, and an urgent sense of purpose. In other words, volunteering and helping others gives us a reason to keep going and keep on living.

Consider volunteering wherever you may be in the world and give back to life just as much as you are receiving. Volunteer with children, the elderly, the disadvantaged, animals and disabled. Volunteer tutoring, feeding, teaching and so much more. Whatever you choose to do, make sure it makes you happy and you understand why and how you are making an impact. Let volunteering be a celebration of humanity, paying it forward and a long life.

9. Find Love

Finding live means finding love. Love often breaks down barriers, eliminates negativity and changes our perspectives and experiences for the better. According to the National Longitudinal Mortality Study, people who are married tend to live longer, lead healthier lives and cut down the risk of cancer and other illnesses. Consider finding a lover and a friend, and have someone to lean on and experience a longer life together.

10. Change Your Diet

And not just by eliminating processed foods. Probably the weirdest thing on this list, changing your diet by adding strange is not so common food can lead to a longer life. Some studies suggest that everything from bee pollens to dragon fruit, jack fruit, cactus and other strange fruits and veggies can lead to an extended life.

Many of these foods are considered “super antioxidants” and cleanse the body while adding additional nutrients and vitamins that protect the immune system and prevent disease. Next time you go to the store, take note of the strange food that may be sold there and do the research. Consider adding these things to your diet and play around with recipes.

11. Scream Sometimes

It may seem weird but sometimes it helps and not only for a brief moment but can also have lasting benefits. So find that space preferably at home and scream aloud sometimes. Let all that anger, fear and frustration out. By letting yourself express your emotion in such a way, you keep from hurting others, let things out of your head and open your life to more positive things. So clear out that closet space and let yourself roar if you have too.

These 11 weird tips to live longer may not be so weird after all. With something so simple as walking or volunteering, living longer is accessible for everyone. So begin that journey to a longer life and get started!

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