9 Forgotten Reasons Why What You Already Have Is Plenty

It is human nature to seek out material gain as a way to possibly bring more joy in our lives. Yet material gain is short lived. Many times we forget we have already had all along, your own personal joy and happiness. Once we realize what non-material things we have that keep us growing, we understand that what we have is actually enough to keep us satisfied.

These 9 forgotten reasons why what you already have is plenty remind us to be content with who we are and how we got to where we are. Be content with being alive, well, happy and free to make choices that will humble you in all the best ways imaginable.

1. Having More Does Not Necessarily Bring Contentment

Believe it or not, having more can actually become a stress. By being content with what you have right now, you add greater joys to your life. See your life being fulfilled in other ways such as interacting with new friends, saving money for your future, enjoying leisure time and perhaps being motivated to help others experience living life simple and avoiding the un-necessary addiction to consumerism in today’s society the same way you do. Sometimes, less definitely does mean more in such inspiring and forgotten ways.

2. There Are Many People Out There Who Have Less

Sometimes we might want to ignore or maybe forget that there are people out there all around the world who have less than we do. So enjoy what you do have and share where you can. Remember to pay it forward to inspire others to do the same for people who may have less. Be thankful for what you have worked hard for and what you have received and see your life as having plenty. Enough to sustain you, to keep you going and to humble you.

3. Life Is What You Make Of It Not What You Have

Often and since the beginning of time, humans have determined life to be made up of what we have. Our competing natures have given rise to the goal of finding ways to make more money and purchase things we cannot really afford or stepping on people who look up to us. Remember that life is not all about what you have regardless of the way others may see it.

Think about it and think about yourself. Are you really concerned with having the best of everything or just merely surviving and being happy? Turn your life around and enjoy what really matters, your connections, love and meaning.

4. Happiness Is Not Material Based

We tend to forget that happiness is short lived by the things we purchase. A new pair of shoes is only going to get me happy for the first wear. Soon enough, those shoes will be forgotten in the closet. But you know what will keep me happy for the long run?

Knowing that I am experiencing life through real human connections, pursuing non-material passions and the interactions I have with people on a daily basis. That is a happiness that every human being deserves and actually experiences. It is whether you choose to acknowledge this happiness and put more energy into it over the other artificial forms of happiness that determine whether you will benefit from it or not.

5. You Are Still Living

You want to really understand why what you already have is plenty? Rejoice in the fact that you are still alive. Be content with the fact that you breathe, eat, sleep and experience simple everyday excitements that keep you moving ahead. Life is a valuable thing. Precious and to be cherished. Even if you are on the edge, remember that you are alive and know that there is help out there that can get you feeling good about what you have and find ways to change any bad circumstances.

Find comfort in knowing that you too have purpose. That is plenty of reason to continue living. Life is fuller than we can possibly imagine.

6. Contentment Is Not Only Linked To Accomplishment

What we accomplish is something to be definitely proud of. Hard work pays off and makes us feel content. Yet this contentment is nothing with we do not accomplish in other areas of our lives such as understanding that our present circumstances can be just as fulfilling as where we wish to be. Life changes daily, every day is a day to be grateful for what you have and who you are.

Continue to work hard but work hard and understand that where you are now is always a reason to be grateful. Allow life to change yet remember that life can change drastically. Be prepared by knowing that no matter where you are, you can still be content and happy.

7. You Do Not Need, Nor Will You Ever Have It All

Why seek to have everything? There is no way, no possible way in this world that you nor anyone else can have it all. Smile knowing that what you do have is enough. What may come in the future is something to be appreciative of.

Welcome addition if it helps you in achieving your goals but do not seek to outdo others, collecting materials and other goods that may temporarily boost your ego. Not only is this greed and overall selfishness, what good does having it all benefit you or anyone else? We all live on this planet its best we take care and seek only what we need.

8. Improvement In Life Begins Within

Sounds cliché, I know. Yet improvement does actually begin within. Ask yourself what needs to change and how to go about getting there. Take a look at where you are now and relish in the excitement knowing that you have come so very far.

Improvement is not about collecting more material objects to decorate the home, improve your wardrobe or show off to friends and strangers rather improvement includes changing your attitude in life, being triumphant in your existence and letting that be something to show others. So let your spirit guide you and make choices to change what you have from within not the objects you have. Objects fade, the spirit lives on.

9. Think To The Future

Think about your general welfare. Save for your future and be content with what you have right now. Ever heard of a retirement plan? Well saving money for future activities and to support your life as you age is a better option can using finances on things we may not need. Definitely think about your future and plan accordingly. Live a satisfied life now and enjoy an even better satisfaction in the future. This is increasingly important as we face uncertainties in the world today.

These 9 forgotten reasons why what you already have is plenty may seem simple, but they can definitely be effective in helping us realize that less means more if we look at it in a different way. Be content with what you have and understand that everything we have is a direct implication of the choices we have made a reminder that hard work pays off. Be prepared to see life differently, understanding how the non-material has definitely this far, benefited you.

Have I missed anything? Share your thoughts below.

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