His Wife Has Alzheimer’s, But He Never Leaves Her Side

Imagine falling in love. The rush of butterflies you get when you’re around them. The smile that springs to your face every time you think of them. And let’s be honest, they’re all you think about.

One day you get married. It’s a beautiful wedding with all of your family and friends. You couldn’t be happier. You have children, they have children. You celebrate anniversaries and birthdays. For years, they are the person you spend almost all of your time with and devote all of your energy to.

Imagine that one day, that person looks you in the eyes and asks you who you are.

Imagine that they can’t remember all the years you’ve had together. They don’t even know your name.

Alzheimer’s is a terrible disease. It can turn loved ones into strangers. But there is always hope. This is a beautiful video about a dedicated husband who loves his wife very much. He remembers her. He remembers their years together. And he will never leave her side.

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