You Won’t Believe What This Bird Does While This Dog Is Eating! I Couldn’t Stop Laughing!

I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have a dog in my life. I always have! My current puppy is two and a half years old. A handsome border collie/blue heeler mix that fetch like a madman, learn people’s names and pick up a new trick after two tries. He is my entertainment, my comfort and my workout motivation. I get to laugh at his funny behaviors every day!

They come in all shapes and sizes. They come in different species. Dogs, cats, horses, birds – they bring amusement and companionship into our lives. What would we do without our pets?!

With the way social media is today, we can share videos of our furry friends do hilarious things for others to enjoy. I have seen some animal videos that have made my day, and this was one of them!

Wait until you see this sweet couple! This dog is just minding his own business eating his dinner, and a little friend comes to entertain him. Priceless!

Watch this video to see this little bird sing his heart out for his friend and please SHARE this with someone who needs a smile today!

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