13 Ways To Find Your Dream Job And Work From Home

work from home dream job

Do you hate your job? Are you looking for an alternative source of income that’ll brighten your mood? Have you considered the benefits of working at home?

The growing market for work from home careers is quickly making its way into mainstream culture. Here are 13 ways to find your work from home dream job and become the distant employee, in charge of your life that you may prefer to be.

1. Do The Research

By doing the research and finding out what type of work actually has telecommute or work at home options you save yourself the pain of rejection. So research first. If you do not find jobs that fit with your skills, consider adding your resume or CV to a job website or advertising on LinkedIn as a way to get employers interested. Rephrase your objective with terms such as “seeking a possible telecommute” or “consultant” work position.

2. Watch Out For Scams

Often work at home options are fraught with scams. If you are being asked to pay for services, then it is likely that the job may not be real and it is best avoided. Look for free job search and resume services that cater to consultants and specialized entrepreneurs who provide services from locations around the nation and sometimes around the globe.

Still, often on websites that offer free services, a number of scams appear. Use your common sense. If a person is seeking to employ you for something they need done- for instance as a copywriter- check their actual location. Browse their page if possible to see what sort of recommendations, comments and remarks are left there by others. If you believe that the person is trying to scam you, report them or inquire about them on the actual website.

Remember to check into the legitimacy of the actual website as well! One of the chances you take in telecommute work found on the internet in particular is that you may never actual see in person your employer and therefore you take a high risk. Research, inquire, and protect yourself.

3. Find Your Niche

Find your niche. Where do your skills and experience fit in? What are you passionate about? What would you like to do? Find your niche before you go out there and search for jobs. Just like regular brick and mortar type of traditional work you do not want to be left with work that you find unattractive, stressful and difficult to accomplish. Especially when working at home! It is easy to give up, walk the few feet to your bed and relax. Find something that interests you and keeps you working hard and happily.

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4. Plan

Plan. Do not go after a work at home option before you know for sure that there is one out there for you. Save up money from previous work especially if you plan on starting an online business from home. Those first few months will be a stress especially if you did not truly sit down and make the necessary plans to get you to where you want to be. Planning after research is the only way to make those ideal at home career moves actually work to your advantage.

5. Be Prepared For Initial Financial Stress

As stated before, be prepared for the financial stress of working at home. Often, you may find yourself starting off working for pennies until you prove yourself a worthy freelancer or consultant. Already have a job lined up with a prominent company that allows you to telecommute? Then the worry and stress of financial planning may not pertain to you. Still, it is always good to be prepared as telecommute jobs often do not last longer than a monthly contract.

6. Figure Out Your Options

Like finding your niche, figuring out your options includes understanding what you can do and where you want to go with it. As more companies look for remote employees to help their services grow, you need to be aware of what works best for you. Ask about long term options and the chance to grow within the company. Ask about whether you may find yourself working on a regular basis as you advance, having to commute rather than being comfortable at home in your career.

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7. How Much Time Do You Have To Devote Each Day?

Do you have the time needed to devote to working at home? Often telecommute services may ask for longer hours, consider whether you have those hours to give. Like traditional work, work at home options are often on a schedule basis with a limited few being work whenever you want too options. Consider your time and how much you want to devote to being isolated throughout the day. Time is after all not always on your side.

8. Is The Job Flexible Enough To Cater To Your Needs?

Think about job flexibility. Is the job flexible enough to cater to your needs? Often people choose to work at home as a way to manage everything that goes on in their lives while also making money to support their lifestyle and families. Are the jobs you are finding flexible enough to allow you to get up and do other things as they arise?

9. What Are Your Skills And Do They Match The Work At Home Labor Demands?

What skills do you have? Consider this as you search for opportunities. Are you able to understand basic and more detailed aspects of computer systems? According to research, medical, writing and editing, and technical support are the top jobs with distant worker demands. Do you have what it takes to break into any of these fields and can you keep up with having no support as you work through projects on your own? Consider these things in your search.

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10. Ask Companies If They Need Virtual Assistants

In searching for your ideal work from home career, consider asking companies if they need virtual assistants. Hand off one of your resumes and emphasize your computer-based skills so they know that you can do the job efficiently. Already have experience as a remote worker? Emphasize this as well and make note of it in your cover letter.

11. Register With Websites That Have A Free Platform To Advertise Yourself

There are several websites out there that have a free platform for freelancers to offer up their services for eager employers and individuals looking for someone to help them on a temporary project or a full long term basis. Explore some of these sites and once again, if they ask you to pay a fee, question whether this site is legitimate and do research to see how well other users got along with it.

12. Ask Around

And remember to ask around. Know of some other friends or acquaintances who do freelance or at home work? Ask them how they got started, ask about the perks- the pros and cons and learn from their experiences.

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13. Do Not Limit Yourself

Remember, never limit yourself. Although the work from home field is fairly new, if you find yourself looking for other options to make you happy, consider doing the research. But do not limit yourself to underpaid and undesirable jobs. Like a traditional job, expect to get the most from working hard and being appreciated for what you can offer. Good Luck!

Do you already work at home? We would love to hear your story! Please share it in the comments section below.

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