Workin’ For The Weekend Is No Way To Live Your Life

workin for the weekend

“How many Mondays have you woken up with that sinking feeling in your stomach? You know what I’m talking about… That feeling you get each morning when you know you have to go to a job you hate.”

— Jill and Josh Stanton, Screw The Nine To Five

I honestly can’t remember how or where I first discovered Josh and Jill Stanton. I think it may have been a suggestion on Instagram that first led me to their quirky creation: Screw The Nine To Five.

Seriously, Doesn’t Everybody Wanna Say “Screw It” Sometimes?

The name, oh what a name! I loved it (and them) instantly. The writing on their site is casually playful, and, at times, even a bit shocking in its honesty and directness. Co-founders, Jill and Josh Stanton, (yes, they’re married!), describe Screw The Nine To Five as their, “little slice of the internet where anyone with a penchant for living life on their own terms can come and connect with other rebellious rule-breakers.”

Sounds pretty rad, right? Have I mentioned that their Instagram is full of two of my absolute favorite things? Inspirational (and often very funny) quotes, and tons of beautiful travel photos. What’s not to love about these guys?


Coffee game is strong and game faces are ON! Next week is gonna be a big one ☕️

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But wait a minute here… as you may remember, I said “screw it!” to my 9-to-5 job more than 9 years ago. What could a website about leaving the rat race really teach me at this point, that I haven’t already figured out on my own?

A lot, it turns out…

A Screw Of A Different Color

I soon discovered that “The Screw” is about a lot more than just quitting your job to start your own business. No, this is no ordinary “work at home” or “lifestyle business” program. Josh and Jill don’t tell people to follow their dreams or to pursue their passions.

They believe that most people aren’t even really sure what they’re passionate about. So telling people to “do what you love” or to “turn your passion into profits” really isn’t going to do much for them, other than possibly make them feel like they’re somehow flawed or inferior for not knowing what they’re passionate about. And that could lead to all sorts of bad feelings and other ickiness.

Making people feel crappy about themselves is not what Screw The Nine To Five is about. Quite the opposite, actually. Through their blog, podcast, and training program, Josh and Jill show people how to take the skills and knowledge they already have, (from school, work, hobbies, or elsewhere), and use them to create their own online business. A profitable business that can set them free from their 9-to-5 and put them back in charge of their own life, (and time).

“Enough is enough. When did it become okay to just “live for the weekend”? Or two weeks of vacation… per year? Bleh! You deserve better than that.”

— Jill and Josh Stanton, Screw The Nine To Five


After an exceptionally Inspiring weekend, this rings so true

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What’s More, They Totally “Get It”

Anytime I start freaking out about the path I’m on, or wondering if I should just give up, move back to The States, and “get a real job,” I head over to the Screw The Nine To Five Community page. The free Facebook group is chock-full of folks who totally get me, and who get “it.” (“It” being why I quit a snazzy, high-paying job in corporate America to move to Asia and be a “blogger.”)

The group’s more than 24,000 members have also been a great source of information, feedback, and motivation for me. Other members are quick to respond with answers and advice anytime I have a question.

And whenever I post a link to an article I’ve published, or a motivational quote image I created in the group, I don’t just get lots of “likes,” I get actual comments! Comments like “well done!” and “great work,” (which are always nice validation, and which help keep me motivated), but also comments with honest, constructive feedback and suggestions from the other members. Many of them have already “been there” and “done that,” so they actually know what they’re talking about, (most of the time).

The sheer size of the community also helps remind me that, although I may be physically alone out here, working on my business, I’m NOT alone in my desire to live life on my own terms.


You deserve a life that lights you up inside


It may not always be easy, but I AM living a life I’m proud of, one in which I’m the one calling the shots:

  • I decide when I want to work, and for whom.
  • I can work from just about anywhere in the world (with decent WiFi).
  • I also decide when I don’t want to work, and for how long.

One of the best things about working for myself is that I can take time off whenever I want to, whether it’s to travel to another country for 3 months, or to spend a long weekend at the beach, hanging out with friends, and drinking tequila until sunrise.

Screw It!

If you’ve been dreaming of quitting your 9-to-5 to start your own business and work at home, (or from a sunny beach in Thailand), Screw The Nine To Five can help get you there. For folks who have already started an online business, The Screw podcasts, blog posts, and Facebook group are bursting with advice, support, and inspiration to help you along the way.

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