5 Signs You’re Worrying Too Much About Your Happiness (Whether Or Not You’re Happy)

Being happy is a great feeling!  Yet there are people who worry too much about how to keep happiness alive. Here are 5 signs you’re worrying too much about your happiness. Whether you are happy or not, maybe one of these applies to you!

1. You Start Stressing

Worry creates stress. Regardless of whatever it is you are worrying about, stress is lurking around the corner. Take a deep breath and let yourself rest from all the fuss surrounding your life. Relax a bit and just enjoy the moment for what it is.

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2. You Are Not Allowing Room For Yourself To Express Other Emotions

You may ask, what other emotions can be as great as happiness. The truth is, life always has a way of changing things up a bit. One moment you may experience anger and then pain and fear. The next moment calm and then happiness.

All emotions are connected in one sense or another. Therefore allow yourself to express how you feel at one moment and experience those emotions for what they are. Later, happiness will follow but this time your understanding of it will be much more fulfilled. The journey to happiness always begins somewhere.

3. You Start Becoming Unconcerned With The Way Others Feel

This one may seem a bit harsh but it happens. Often, when we are more concerned about ourselves than others, we tend to search for ways to keep ourselves happy and forget about the other people around. Often, we tend to forget that our loved ones’ happiness is also vital to continue with our own in the long term.

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Becoming unconcerned can happen to anyone especially if we do not see the benefit of encouraging others when they do not seem to be taking in our advice. You can eventually lose the support of others when you ignore their feelings and eventually find yourself plummeting back to where you started.

4. You Do Not Allow Yourself To Try New Things

Life is full of experience and experience it we must! Whether you are happy or not, trying new things is a great way to learn and expand on what makes and keeps you happy.

Just because you are happy where you are at now, does not mean you should not try something new that may progress these feelings. As long as this ‘something new’ is not hurting you or anyone around you, try not to worry and consider giving it a go.

5. You Plunge Into Utter Darkness Each Time You Think About Having To Change Anything

Ever been told that something will have to change in your already complete life and suddenly you find yourself in intense gloom?

This is a sure indication that you worry too much about change especially if it compromises your happiness. We are human after all and change is going to occur. What you do with it and how you experience it is what makes a difference. Open your eyes and let the light shine through.

[bctt tweet=”Enjoy happiness when you’ve got it and embrace the journey when you don’t.”]

So enjoy happiness when you’ve got it and embrace the journey when you don’t. Allow yourself to explore your options to gaining and sustaining a happy life and let the worry go.

Have you found any awesome tricks or tips that have helped you stop worrying and start enjoying life? Please share them in the comments below.

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