They Wrote On His Casket And It Made Him Smile

If you had your choice of dying slowly or going suddenly, which would you choose? My husband has been a pastor for 10 years. We’ve seen a lot of families go through death.

There were a few fortunate families that had the opportunity to watch their loved ones day. The reason I say that they were fortunate, is because so much was accomplished in those days and weeks leading up to their death.

While it is hard to watch someone die, having the chance to say all the things you feel for them leaves you both with so much closure.

This news story really blessed me, because it reminded me of this man at my home church who had cancer the entire time I knew him. He was knocking on death’s door for almost two years before he lost his battle.

There wasn’t a cure for his cancer, and his family knew he would pass. Those two years were absolutely precious to them as he had the chance to invest in his children. As a family, they grew close.

I hope that I will use examples like the one in this video to live each day like it’s my last. Be sure to SHARE this with someone else and let this man’s memory live on.

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